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The ABS™ platform harnesses our expertise in high-throughput protein x-ray crystallography and the intricacies in the entire gene to structure process. We resolve bottlenecks and unlock full potential to drive structure-based drug discovery and protein engineering projects. Our next generation platform, ABS-OneStep™, is currently in development to further increase efficiency and reduce project costs significantly.


Accelero Biostructures uses its deep expertise from a combined team experience of over 40 years in the ABS™ and ABS-OneStep™ platforms. Our processes include, for example, an array of tools to deploy depending on project needs as well as innovations in hardware and software to provide compelling use of our systems in industrial and academic R&D.


1. Purified proteins are introduced to a panel of chemical reagents to produce crystals suitable for x-ray analysis.


2. Crystals are exposed to synchrotron radiation and x-ray diffraction data are collected and processed.


3. Structure determination and analysis of molecular interactions.




We use our technologies in a variety of applications:

  • Structure- and Fragment-Based Drug Discovery
  • Co-crystal structures (Protein-Small molecule, Protein-DNA/RNA, Protein-Protein) Mutant structures for protein engineering/industrial enzymes/personalized medicine
  • Novel structures and difficult cases
  • Crystal screening for verification and construct optimization
  • X-ray data collection, processing and refinement
  • Structure completion and analysis
  • Small-Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS) and room temperature protein crystallography
  • Complete gene to structure determination, analysis and publication
  • Project design including bioinformatics, computational and molecular biology